I love these smug scared people often not wearing medical grade masks

I do love these people who run around scared, most young with no health problems, who have probably had the virus and not even noticed.

I see them often jump about in the supermarket, often wearing masks that are not medical grade, and provide no resistance at all to the virus. Most (in fact every single one) I have seen do not fit the face and often you see gaps on both sides of the nose, so all that happens is the air goes in and out via these gaps.

To be any use they need to cover most of the face, often up to the eyes, but also medical grade.

Most people now I have noticed have long since come to the conclusion, all this has been rather silly, especially after seeing the police allow thousands of people to gather almost daily at these protests/riots. Most no longer have an interest on what the latest rules are, and such rules are now listened to by a handful of people, while everybody else seems to be doing what they want. In truth you may be forgiven to think this silly lock down was over, when you see people now acting normally.

But every now and again I bump into one of these scared people. Often middle class, acting smug, by jumping back and forth as they shop so we can see how much better they are than the rest of us who do not live in fear.

I have a game I play when I see someone in a mask suddenly stop to let me past them, as if by getting close to me they will drop dead. I will stop and look deeply at the shelf in front of me, seeing how long before this smug person gives up and walks past me. I love to see the frustration in there eyes and how they expect me to feel the need to walk past them.

The other day, I watched some twit jump to the side, and fell into the mud.

Though the ones that I love the best are those who wear masks, who pull them down to smoke.

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