I feel drained today

Yesterday we put down my friends dog.

But he spent a lot of time with me, and I loved him as if he was my own.

We would go for walks all over, and he would walk next to me, and would look up at me with his loving eyes.

We had so many adventures.

He was very elderly and and many health problems.

I had to carry him into the vets.

Part of me just feels like walking into the front of a moving train.

But I have other dogs, and need to look after them.

I know I will think of him, every time I go far a walk with them.

He was so happy all the time, and on a night, he would sleep next to me on a night.

I am glad I took lots of pics and vids of him, and recorded him barking.

When we went out, he would bark non stop and sometimes, I think for a short time, it affected my hearing. Such happy days.