How does staying at home save lives?

I have seen this ‘propaganda’ message all over.

Can someone explain how staying at home saves lives?

We know that if your under 60 with no health problems, then you should be fine [LINK].

We seem to be doing nothing but spread fear to everybody.

Is the aim to save lives or create some strange fear in people in order to keep people home for ever?

Have the governments got some ulterior motive to this, as it makes no sense at all that we need to lockdown those under 60 with no health problems. But instead simply isolate the vulnerable till the virus burns out.

Of course, many (often middle class) are cowards and spend there lives living in fear. We see these morons bleaching everything until there children are weak and often end up with asthma. These are the same twits who will believe wearing a bit of plastic on there head when cycling will do anything [LINK]. You can point out to these morons that cars will get much closer to you when they pass as they see you as safe, yet will give people like me (who do not wear silly things) a lot of space as they drive past, as they see us not so safe But they prefer to live in lar lar land, until they get knocked off there bike.

Many of these middle class twits have chosen to live a life of fear, running away at every possible moment. Many now will be in masks as they walk or drive on there own, expecting the rest of us to share in there fears and then get angry when we do not.

If you are a coward and wish to live in fear, that is your choice, but do not expect me to have your fears.

You can run away when you see me, walk across the road, but do not dare even think I will join in your silly games.

If you dare even stop to tell me off, in your arrogant, self righteous way, I will reply by telling you to ‘go f*ck yourself’.

I refuse to live in fear.

See: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

If anything, I find it entertaining to watch these cowards run around looking like prats in home made masks. Trying to stop themselves getting a virus that they may already have had. Even if they have had the virus, they are now so scared of life, that many will believe they can get it again, and it will kill them.

See: Coronavirus: Why I do not blame the government but the public for this mess [LINK].

If I ask people why staying in will save lives, the answer I get is, to stop overloading the NHS. But when I then ask them to explain how it would, as those under 60 with no health problems, should in most cases not need NHS treatment, they never know what to say. Most people seem to have accepted this argument without questioning it, and once confronted with the most obvious observation, they clearly are stuffed.

The reality is, the hospitals are coping.

Some will say, but it is due to the lockdown.

Do we have evidence the lockdown has resulted in less people getting the virus and needing to go to hospital?

From what I see each day, people are still going out, close together in supermarkets and so on. In fact people are made to stand in line with each other for an hour, to get into a supermarket, so they may be far more exposed to getting this virus, than if they simply went in to the supermarket, get there items and left.

The reality is that people are still mixing with each other, and moving about. The ONLY thing we seem to have done is destroy the economy, loose peoples jobs, and destroy many businesses.

And not to mention the 150,000 who may die from the lockdown [LINK].

But why is the propaganda message telling people to stay home, when we were told to go out each day for some exercise. The message seems to change each day.

Were we not told this lockdown was only going to be for a few weeks, yet now we are told it could be months, and we may be facing years of wearing masks and some nonsense about social distancing. That for a start makes no sense, as after so long we should have had enough people who have had the virus, to put the country into a position the virus will burn out. Not to mention that a vaccine may come in a year or so’s time, yet, even with this, we seem to be expected to keep this nonsense going.

If we were living with something that was deadly, something that could kill us all, then I could see the logic of this shutdown. Indeed you would expect a real shutdown, where you would be arrested if you left your house. But this is a virus, that unless your over 60 with a lot of health problems [LINK] then your risk of death is probably not much more than if you got a cold.

The media who for many weeks now has been telling us that things will go bad in Sweden, now seem to be silent, as after many weeks Sweden is doing well [LINK]. Indeed those who told us Sweden would suffer, are now having to make up excuses, and tell us any rubbish to try to excuse that fact they are doing well. They will say you cannot compare the countries as they are different. This is odd as a few weeks ago they were happy to claim you could compare the two countries, and how after a few weeks Sweden would have half the country dead.

So when (or if) this nonsense is over. Do not look only at those who have died from the virus, but also those who have died from the lockdown as well. Look at those who get or have cancer, and could have been saved, and others who have had operations cancelled. Look at those who have and will take there lives.

I will now be taking the dogs for a walk (today), so feel free to arrest me, as if I am as you claim killing people, then you need to arrest me.

The strange thing is, many of these middle class twits, who will be screaming at others to stay inside, as they are killing people, were only a few weeks ago driving to work and home, in big 4×4’s, and happily producing lots of pollution, that I am sure was harming people. Not to mention all the nice holidays they would go on, and as such fly all over. But I guess it is fine for them to do what they want, just as long as the rest of us obey them.

Meanwhile, please support the hardworking medical staff, who have been screaming hysterically at us to stay inside, and how they cannot cope, with the effort they have made putting together these dance vids. It must take hours of rehearsals to get vids this well put together [LINK] [LINK].

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