How come the #BlackLivesMatter cannot tell me what the protests are about?

I have asked many people who have been posting pics and vids on social media as they were at these events.

My presumption is, most (if not all) went to these events so they could take pics and vids of themselves, and pretend they are making a change and pretending they are part of history.

In truth these protests will soon be forgotten, and have no importance. These people are not the true heroes such Rosa Parksas and Claudette Colvin plus many more, who acted not for a pic on Instagram, but because they were brave and correct.

However the ego of many on these protests, will be that they see themselves as equals to the real brave people of history.

If the internet went down for a few days, how many would bother to turn up to protest if they could not post to the world how wonderful they are and how they have made a difference.

Should you point out that they are no more than a pointless waste of space, doing no more than to make locals frightened, then they will block you. How dare you ridicule them, when they want to feel important.

A few years ago, we had one of the greatest shows. It was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

But it was about a well off black family. The dad was a successful Judge. One episode that had a huge impact on me, was one were a relative (if I remember) had a go at the Judge. If I remember she said he was a sell out or something.

I think at the end he said something on the lines of, the problem was not from white racists, but from other black people who wanted to be victims and never achieve anything.

When I see these protests, I do not see heroes, or people making livers better for other black people. I see people who want to be victims, who want desperately to believe the world is racist, and against them.

They do not seem to have any interest in those many black people in both the USA and UK have achieved a great deal (doctors, scientists, academics and so on). Instead they choose to stand and tell each other they are victims (and ignore the fact that people of different races get voted in).

Personally I find it depressing, seeing members of the black community, wanting to fail. They seem to see being a victim is power. and they allow white middle classes to encourage them to do this, in turn, becoming slaves to the white middle class, as they end up being projects for the nice white middle class charities to help them out. In fairness it is not just white folk they end up depending on, as well off members of the black community also help out.

At times, I see black youths drive around in cars with the stereo up full, smoking weed, and I just feel sad. Sad that these youths are fooling themselves into thinking they are successful, wile they turn themselves into brainless slaves of the drug dealers.

One person sent me a pic of 9 people who have (I believe) been killed by white people. This I believe was her evidence of racist murders in the UK. One however was a criminal who was shot by the police. If your a criminal, it is your choice, and if you end up being shot by the police, that is part of your lifestyle. If you do not want to be shot by the police, then do not become a criminal.

I asked why the protest did not talk about almost daily murders (many involving children) in London, where we see black on black murders. I would suggest that the problems in the UK for the black community are not white raciest, but black people murdering black people, then moaning about the fact police try to stop these murders by arresting black people.

One person said that her black friends had been arrested for no reason, but I know white people who are arrested for no reason. Just because some police are jerks, does not mean they are racists. It may simply be they are jerks. Jerks to both black and white in the same amount.

i expect some black people will be called raciest names. But these people tend to be bullies, and if the person was white and fat, they would call them a fat insult. The same if they were gay or lesbian. some people are bullies and will say anything to try to hurt others.

One cannot see how those who post on twitter, with brand new phones and nice cars and who eat well and who are black, can go on protests, and claim society is against them, when in the UK you have white people who cannot afford the internet, and have to go to food banks, who may also have drug and drink problems. In the UK, I see some white people far worse off than any black person.

All those on the protests, (both white and black) all seemed to be well off, with nice new phones. I did not see anyone who was suffering or held back.

In truth, the protests, seemed to be just about being seen on social media.

It did not come across that any of those who spoke had suffered any problems, or were held back by racists. Indeed, did any even claim to.

But keep telling yourself that walking around a town, screaming and shouting, and a bit of fake crying, and a few boring poems, you have read off your phone, is going to change the world.

If you relay want to improve things for the black community, then condemn those who do black on black murders, report the gangs to the police, stop pretending to be gangsters because you smoke weed in your car, stop doing crimes. and no I am not saying all black people are criminals. I am saying the minority who commit crimes must stop as they are giving the black community a bad name. Indeed those who went on the protests, and who vandalize, or assaulted others, or even shouted at the police, do nothing but harm. It is they who are the problem. It is they who are the enemy of the black community.

The enemy of the black community is not some invented white racists that probably do not exist. It is those what give the black community a bad name who are the real enemy. They are the ones who feed people the view that those who are black must not be trusted.

But your fooling yourself if you think going on these protests is good. The only people your talking to is each other.

While people living near by are at home in fear, hoping you will sod off.

But of course, these people (some who will be black and elderly) do not matter to you. The only people who matter are yourselves. it is about what you want, and your fame. So do not claim black lives matter, as that would include all black lives. what you in truth mean by these protests, is your fame matters, and if others are scared of the protests, to hell with them. How dare anyone stop you getting your Instagram pic.

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