Have you noticed how people are talking drivel, and no one questions it

George Floyd was a criminal, who it has been reported, put a knife to a pregnant black lady.

Why is no one crying for George Floyd’s victims?

Why are so many members of the black community holding George Floyd as there symbol of a great black American when he was a criminal?

Is a criminal the person who you wish to represent the black community?

And why are we even stating race had anything to do with his killing? The policeman involved was married to a non white lady, and I believe these other police involved were also classed as non white. so what evidence is this a race issue, but no more than a police officer being a jerk or being incompetent. Could it not be the case this could have been a white chap?

But then lets move on to this drivel that your raciest if your not talking about this killing. Well you sound stupid saying this drivel.

I agree that we should post about the pain. I think those poor black people in the USA who have had there business looted and lost everything, is sad, and I do not know why those involved with black lives matter are not saying how bad that is. I guess those black lives do not matter to them. So too do I think it is disgusting black police officers have been abused and hurt by black lives matter protests. Again, perhaps those black lives do not matter. Oddly, the only black lives that matter to these people, is some criminal who was killed.

How come most of these black lives matter people seem to be spoil, well off, self-centred, young people, who seem to have suffered in no way.

‘White silence speaks volumes’. What a lot of rubbish. It is just drivel. It seems that the belief is, if you talk enough rubbish, people may not question it, as they will be stunned by how nonsense your statements are.

‘When I see someone on twitter who is not of color’. How do you know if they are of color or not? And why are you taking note of what color they are. It is as if someones color matters to you. Is the idea to find people the same and as such there color should not matter. Why is it, those who claim to be ever so anti raciest, seem to be the ones most obsessed by someones race.

The attorney (so clearly not been held back) tells us we should reach out to people of color and ask how they are or something! I presume she has reached out to every single person on her twitter profile and asked how they are. So note to self, remind myself to contact all the black people I know as they must be weak and need a white person to help them out. Yes, it does sound jolly odd.

The next lady tells us, how sad she is, and how people must feel sorry for her. Look at me, I am suffering in my nice house, with all my money, with all my things. Poor me. I know people may be starving in other countries. People may have got cancer. People may have lost relatives and friends. People may have or will be loosing jobs. Animals being eaten alive. Animals being tested on. All the people who have died in wars over the years. But there suffering is nothing, compared to me being a bit sad today. Look, I am so sad I am having a little cry.

‘I want to show people photographs of my child and say George Floyd was my child’. You want people to think your child is going to be a criminal? Seems a rather odd thing to want.

Now things have more emotion as the chap talks silently so we know this is sad. I hope you are sad too, otherwise you are a racist. Although if you are not white and not sad, you are not raciest, it is only if you are white.

‘Why could they not have said stop man’. I know it is sad. Perhaps if someone had said to George Floyd to please stop doing crime, then he may be alive. Please do not put knifes to black pregnant ladies George Floyd.

‘Fear drives everything’. I agree. Fear that you will have a black lives matter protest near you, and find your house or business burned down.

‘White people are at the top of the social cast’. Barack Obama, Colonel Powell, Condoleezza Rice, are they not black then?

‘We need our non black brothers and sisters for this fight’. OMG, your stating that black people are so weak in your mind, that you need the superior white person to help you out. I guess this is where I disagree with you, as I believe most people in the black community can achieve great things without the help of white people, and have indeed achieved great things.

Have these young spoilt brats, forgotten people voted for Barack Obama twice, and many still love him (and his wife did some great stories on youtube, if you have not seen them go watch as she is fantastic at doing them). It is just that if the USA was so racist as they pretend it is, Barack Obama would not have won.

And have you even questioned who runs black lives matter? Do we think this is a decent organisation when they have posters like this [LINK]?

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