Harry and Megan leave the sinking ship

Harry and Megan leave the sinking ship

One suspects that when queen dies, so will the royal family.

William and his dad (Charles) are as dull as dishwater.

It feels very much that William got married to Kate, and to turn her into the next Diana, hoping she would be popular with the public. And in fairness, she was for a time, until Megan took over the limelight. I am not saying Kate is no longer liked, but that Megan seems now to be the star.

Harry and Megan have taken all the publicity away from William and Kate. Even as I type this, it is said to be Kate’s birthday, yet all the news is about Harry and Megan. It seems to have been timed correctly to make sure Kate gets no news story, while Harry and Megan gets it all.

So rather than William and Kate being the news, it is now Harry and Megan.


Harry and Megan seem to have copyrighted there name, so are they planning on making millions selling stuff? Will people buy stuff from Harry and Megan? I suspect not, but perhaps they will buy it.

Megan is after all a film/TV star of sorts, and this has made her A list, when in reality she probably would never have got so famous.

One suspects that being in Canada this will mean ALL the focus will be on Harry and Megan, and none on William and Kate. One suspects (we will have to see) they (Harry and Megan) will be on USA TV and events as much as they can.

This is a PR disaster for the Royals, who are left back in the UK.

It is probably a fantastic option for Harry and Megan, as back in the UK, they (the royal family) are in a PR disaster with Prince Andrew.

In reality, the ship that is the royal family looks to be slowly sinking.

Once the queen dies, one suspects, that interest in them will soon vanish. It is unlikely one suspects that people will have any care for Charles or indeed William.

But should one even care if the royal family exist? A family that is just that, a family, yet for some reason, people give them the qualities of such as one may give the pope or the head or a country.

While for some people, who seem to enjoy groveling and bowing down, and feeling that one family has more worth than they do, one suspects few people are in that mode in today’s world.

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