Flytipping fine only £1,130

No wonder people flytip if the worst they get is a fine for £1,130.


In most cases people will not be court.

But if when they are court, they get a fine of £1,130, it will not discourage anyone.

After all, the cost to dump this correctly would have still cost money, and so he or she will simply carry on (one suspects).

The problem does not help that most councils charge for firms to take waste to the dumps. One suspects that it costs councils far more to clear up the illegally dumped rubbish, than it would if they let firms dump stuff free, or at least a much lower cost.

My friend has some old concrete blocks. Even for non businesses, she will be charged to dump them. She told me to just drop them on the side of the road, but as I do not believe in doing such activities, I stated no.

However, one suspects others are not like me and would just dump stuff on the roads, or in a field.

Personally I am getting irritated seeing rubbish all over.

Over the years I have noticed how people will drive to such as Ilkley Moor, sit in there cars, eat, then throw the rubbish out of the window in the car park. Such people, along with those who harm animals, should (in my mind) be put to death by hung drawn and quartered, though, I tend to think this is far too nice a death for them. The only factor in this, is that most of these people are eating junk food, and have a diet of junk food, and the only exercise they seem to get is pressing the window button on there car door, to throw the rubbish out of the window, as such one presumes life expectancy will be much shorter.

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