Feminists do not exist

When a person refers to themselves as a Feminist, what they tend to mean is they are female, middle class, mainly white, often socialists, victims of a society they see run by white males, and a belief that there views are 100% right.

In truth most people believe in equality.

Feminists claim to wave a flag of equality, yet the equality they seek applies only to other middle class, often white women. It is common for them to look down upon those who may be women from working class backgrounds, and presume what is best for them.

We see this in porn, where Feminists will often put forward the belief that all women are victims to men in porn, and by doing so simply ignore lesbian, gay and dominatrix porn.

So too, do they ignore the fact that most porn is made by women doing webcam.

When pointed out to them, they will resort to rather weak statements, such as, the webhost is probably run by males so proving men are running the porn industry.

Yet the Feminists have no problems with working class women working for low pay serving them in the shops. The problem seems to be that porn may mean working class women earning good wages, and they may buy a house next to the Feminist or use the money they make to go to university, rather than stay poor and a charity case for the nice middle class Feminists to play with as a project.

This of course is the Feminists idology, that they believe in socialism and the thought of a person having the ability to work for themselves and to better themselves is simply not compatible.

Many years ago I asked my Nan if she was a Feminist as she had her own business. She stated that she was not and Feminists had never spoken for the working class.

Just like with those who believe in socialism, no Feminists beliefs in the same thing. Each Feminist believes there version of what they see as being Feminist is the true version (a bit like a religion), and as such other versions other Feminists believe in are not Feminist. And as with religion Feminists will decide who can and cannot be a Feminist.

Many Feminists seem to no longer believe in equality, but instead will opt for women only candidates (as an example) in elections. Thus giving the message women are not as good as men. As a make I find this disgusting, and one suspects many women would feel disgust to be patronised in such a way.

Calling oneself a Feminists, seems to be a method of weaponry. It is most odd that often these women feel the need to start all interviews by telling the world that they are a Feminist. Perhaps this is in order to make sure other often white middle class women who follow the Feminist ideology may feel compelled to take sides. Or perhaps the feminists presume people will feel intimidated by hearing this person is a feminist.

The reality of most (if not all) feminists, is that they pretend to live under a banner of equality, while in reality, what they are after is simply telling other women what they should do and think.

It is amusing that the Feminists will claim to be against living in a world dominated by men and that men should not tell women what to do and think, then they themselves become far more intolerant towards other women (often working class women), by telling them what they should do/think and live. As well as what is best for them.

Someone posted that Feminists is a dying ideology. In truth it never has started. It was only in the minds of a very few, and within those few, they have never agreed with each other.

But like socialism, that has always failed, they will tell you it is because there version has never been tried and there version will work, and we should ignore all other versions.

Yet, they seem to ignore the fact that this ideology or religion, is held by only a few, and most people (men and women), do not believe in it and never will.