Dundee Labour councillor urges colleagues to stop using phrase ‘nitty gritty’

Dundee Labour councillor urges colleagues to stop using phrase ‘nitty gritty’ in meetings over claims it was used as term for slaves in 18th century [LINK]

I just love these Labour people. Rather than deal with important things, they will try to find anything they can from the beginning of time that may at some point have been used in any way possible that could be deemed racist, sexist, ageist or whatever.

It is how you control freedom of speech by controlling what others can and cannot say.

When I was a student nurse (and was made to leave as one of the nice left wing kind nurses told me she did not want male nurses nor ones who were dyslexic and so bulled me out) we were given a huge list on A4 with words we could not use (with luck I still have it and will post it for you).

I asked who came up with the list. No one knew. No one knew why we could not use these words. No one could explain who was going to be offended by the words. No one had ever asked why and who had put these words together.

In other words, I could put a list together of words I wanted others not to use, for no reason at all, hand it out to people telling them they were not politically correct and chances are people would not use them. The fun you can have is crazy.

From time to time I have told people on twitter that a word they posted has racists associations (I make it up), and what fun you have when it is a left wing, white person who you do this to, as they go full meltdown to prove they are not racist, and how they are sorry they used those words.

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