DriveTribe app and website – Is it any good?

DriveTribe app and website – Is it any good?

DriveTribe is a sort of social media platform.

But unlike most social media platforms, they have limited it to cars.

We have had car forums and dedicated websites/blogs for cars for years, and some of these get lots of views.

Many of the car websites look very nice.

DriveTribe is built with tribes. What tribes are, I have no idea. I presume it is a group of people, who are on the app/website with a single interest, such as people into Ford cars. But in truth I could not work it out.

I used the app for a few days, then removed it. I did not like it as an app to be honest, and felt it was just to feed me adverts.

I had a look today at the website, and I found it not a great experience. The pics posted do not seem that sharp, and the posts look poor. In my mind they would have been better simply using wordpress.

From what I gather, the site has been founded by the presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

It has other people doing content, but how many, I am not sure.

The strange thing is that I am confused what the point of the site is?

You see, on youtube Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, all seem to post vids, under the DriveTribe logo. So why would you go to the website/app?

The idea of the app/website seems to be a case of, we three presenters are famous, and as such people will want to see us, on our own website/app. Indeed, that would make great sence, as many celebs have a website and publish vids on it (often youtube hosted) and MP3 podcasts, plus pics and links to the social media sites. If they had done this, they would be getting lots of views to there site (a wordpress site probably), and made lots of money from advertising, while the site would have cost no more than $10 a month to run (hosting, and wordpress is free).

For some reason, they thought setting up a social media site was a good idea. This may have been a good idea if they were programers with some huge new idea, but probably not when your three men on senior age with probably no real interest in websites and that side of things.

The internet is full of not so well known social media platforms, but they look good and are different. And none I can see, limit themselves to one single subject.

If they wanted to have others write articles for there site, they could have done this with wordpress with ease.

But the fact that they (Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond) are now posting content on youtube, simply makes me feel they have given up on the site, and have chosen youtube as the main site.

I am also not keen on the name DriveTribe. They have another one too called FoodTribe or something. I guess they thought Tribe would be some big thing on the net. I keep thinking it is called DriveTime, which if they owned that name, would have been something. The reason being is DriveTime is very bradable, and if they had done a regular podcast, for people to listen to as they drove to work, it would have been a great domain name.

Anyway, lets see if this site becomes popular. But, I suspect they will have hit the maximum number of people using the site. Personally I would dump the site and just use such as wordpress, or a off the shelf website that other car sites use, rather than this custom made site, as I in all honesersty, do not like the look of it.

But good luck with it chaps.