Do racists exist?

We live in a world where people are constantly accused of being racist. Yet one wonders if by doing so this helps things or makes things far worse.

Of course before we go on, one may state that there is no such thing as a race of people and this is only an old terminology that was used many years ago to define people. In an ear that presumed people from different countries were different, as differently as a dog is to a cat. Such beliefs have long gone. Yet, for some strange reason we still separate people from one area to another as a race.

Things get more complicated as some now define a group of people who follow such as a particular religion, as a race.

But I digress.

Often the word racist is thrown about with such ease, that it is becoming meaningless. Often well meaning, but rather low intelligent left wing middle class will state someone is a racist, with no understanding nor thought to what they say or do. For instance, Danny Baker posted something on twitter, and removed it moments later. The court of Twitter then stated (one presumes they have a device to read his mind) he was a racist, and the post was racist, and then they re-posted a screen grab of the tweet. Apparently if Danny Baker posted it, he was a racist, but because they posted it, they were not racist, in fact they were saints who should all be given a prize and a reference in history for making such a difference in the world.

We should look at why people may or may not be racists, or indeed agest. One belief, is this stems from a survival instinct from many years ago. Your instinct was to fear people from other villages/countries as they may wish to kill you. Our instinct is also to fear those who look different from healthy, as they could be ill and pass it to you and you die. These instincts probably still exist in us all.

If you do not meet people from other places or of different faiths, one can easily get a warped view of someone, and this leads to an often false belief and fear.

Often those in the UK who develop warped views about others, often have never met people from different cultures. While you may say, but surely if you live in the UK you will meet people from different cultures, one must remember that the populaulation that makes up non whites in the uk, is (I believe) 3%. It is not surprising then to find many people have no contact with people from different backgrounds. And by this I mean, not walking past and possibly saying hi to each other, but to know each other.

as a child in the UK born in the early 70’s, I only knew one person who was not white, who was a pupil at my school. It was only when I was 22, when I went to college did I meet any Muslims. Indeed, I became great friends with three girls (one was muslim), and the other two of different faiths.

No, I tell a lie. For a few months, I did work at a soil testing place and one of the chaps was Muslim and a vile fat thug. I had forgotten about him until now.

And yes, one can state some people who are Muslim, or whatever religion, or indeed ethnic background are not nice. Something I have noticed the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, seem to see as something wrong to do. I have noticed some will defend people, even if they are unpleasant, at whatever cost. The cost, of course meant children were raped and abused by gangs of Muslim men in places such as Rotherham.

This in turn has, meant an increase in hatred and resentment for Muslims. So rather than make things better, these mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, have simply made relations worse. As well as given the opportunity for groups with or without racist ideology to step in and be seen as the ones condemning the Muslim rape gangs. As such they are seen more in line with the working class, while the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, are simply seen as apologises and ineffective, not to mention the fact that they seem to choose not to listen to people, but instead talk down to them, as the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, know far better than they do.

One aspect of racists, is not that people are racist, but snobs.

As a child it was common, to hear vile jokes, about Kit Kats and such. It was about how many Indians (or whoever) lived in a house. But the interesting thing to note was this was about poverty, and that people did not want poor people moving in the same street as them. This did not seem to be the fact they were say Indian. Indeed as these families have gained more wealth, and we do not see these areas run down anymore. We no longer (as much) hear such jokes.

I would presume to say, had these people been rich when coming to the UK, then people would have been the reverse and boasted if they had an Indian (or whoever) family living in the street.

We see this today where people seem ONLY to object to poor people moving near them, from other countries.

In the USA, one problem that still hangs on today, is that when slavery ended, because most had little education, they ended up often taking jobs that needed no real education. As such, people did not want to do these jobs, or work with the black community. Not because of direct racist views, but more snobbery, because these jobs were deemed low ranking.

One method people use to bully people, is to use vocabulary that is meant or intended to hurt them. So in an argument (lets say on a train), it is easy and very effective, to call someone (who is non white for instance) the N word to upset them. One suspects that often people who use racist vocabulary in this way, may not be in truth racists, but simply want to hurt the other person as much as possible. Indeed one suspects if the person was overweight, they would call them ‘fatty’. This certainly is not me defending what they say and do, but more that one perhaps should question if they are racist or not.

I also find saying the N word rather foolish. As soon as I type ‘The N Word’ or even say that out load, everybody is thinking the word. If anything it gives it more power. Personally I think it is best to say it in full, and lets call each other it. Once you do that, it kills the power of it. And if you say only black people are allowed to say the N word in full, then guess what… Your a racist, as you believe one race is more important than another.

The danger is, if one suggests that the UK is full of racists, it makes life unpleasant for all.

One then ends up treating people differently from other ethnicities, as you end up having to think more carefully about each word you say in fear you will upset them, or indeed because you wish to seem as ‘right on’.

However in today’s world, families are far more mixed than they used to be. In the 1970’s, up to recently, it was more common to see families of one ethnicity to live in one place. Today in the UK, it is not uncommon to find at least one family in a street that is from a different ethnic background.

It is also not that uncommon to see children from mixed race families. It reminds me of the sketch from Harry Enfield where his wife (Mrs Slob) complains that she is the only mother in the area not to have a brown baby.

In truth, racist parties, would always now find it hard to get much traction in the UK. While the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, presume the working class are all racists, often the working class are far more liberal and less racists than the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, who mix with very few people. Indeed, look at any left wing demonstration, and it tends to be mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies. It is often fun to try to find someone who is not white at any anti racist demonstration.

One of my frustrations is people do not listen to each other. Rather than call someone a racist because he or she has said a remark. It is far better to think about what that person has said, and to reply. Rather, than what most mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, do and that is to start screaming racist. Indeed, this is who some ‘right wing’ groups gain traction, by simply being seen to listen to people.

One example of this was a few months ago I watch a few youtube vids of Tommy Robinson giving speeches in public. He had many listening and lots of fans (and I do not know if Tommy Robinson is a racist or not as I cannot read his mind). What was interesting was he listened to people express there views. At many of the events stood a bunch of mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, holding up signs and shouting. Not one wanted to engage with the public, but instead they choose to look down on the crowd as they were scummy working class who needed the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, to tell them what to think. Later on twitter, the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, boasted how they had won the battle. I put my head in my hands, knowing they had achieved nothing, except push people more towards Tommy Robinson.

Later in the year Tommy Robinson got 39,000 votes in election. The mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, then posted on Twitter that they had done huge damage to Tommy Robinson votes. Again I put my head in my hands knowing that most independent candidates often only get 1000 votes at most, and an independent getting almost 40k of votes was not something they should boast was a victory. But should have been seen as 44k people who found home in what Tommy Robinson was saying. And the fact the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, prefer to talk down to people, rather than engage with them.

In truth, I do not believe the UK has many racists. I have never had anyone in my life say that group xyz should not exist, or live in the UK or whatever.

Yes, I know people from ethnic background have had unpleasant things shouted at them, but to be honest, I suspect most people have, by vile people.

Often, in my opinion, the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, rather than making life easier for all, or the ones creating most of the problems. This constant attempt to try to find something racist in every sentence spoken, every film or advert made, even to the extent of claiming that people are even unconsciously racist, does not help anyone.

Nor does it help, telling people (who are non white, female, gay and so on), that they are victims all the time, is progressive. The only thing this archives is to give the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, who tend not to be too bright, a platform where they believe themselves to be changing the world, and that there voice shall be recorded in time and history as one of the great thinkers (even though they often simply regurgitate what someone else has said).

One suspects we have hit or nearly hit the peak of the the mainly white, left wing, middle class, goody goodies, dominating the world. The constant belief that they have that freedom of speech applies as long as it is what they want to hear, and any other speech must be classed as hate speech and banned and condemned, is starting to come to an end. Even though such as the UK, being offended is now a hate crime, and people now have to justify to a judge that the opinions or words or actions are not a hate crime. It is clear that people have had enough of being pushed around.

Indeed the film and TV industry that has bow down to this ‘Woke’ culture has seen disaturouse results. Films such as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ flop, while does anyone even watch the BBC anymore?

In truth, I would never call someone a racist, as it is not my place to do so. I have no ability to read someone’s mind.

For what does it even achieve to call someone a racist?

If someone is a racist, will they stop being one if I was to call them one? I suspect not. In fact if you was a racist, would you not be proud of that and defend your views?