‘Cultural appropriation’

‘Cultural appropriation’ is the ability of morons to bully others.

If someone points out that this person is being ‘Cultural appropriation’ bad (or whatever term they wish to use), one should presume they are rather low in intelligence, and simply wish to bully others, in there made up feeling of offence.

Cultural appropriation seems to be a modern form of bullying.

In recent months, a model wore a native american headdress. (https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/fashion-news/a13880726/victorias-secret-cultural-appropriation-native-american/).

But what if the model(s) were native american? Would that have made a difference? One presumes that if they had been native american, then it would be ok. But what if the models were 50% native american, or even 1%? It becomes noncess to decide this person is or is not allowed to wear an item of clothing.

If we wish to take this to the extreme, no one but Persians should be wearing trousers (https://kingandallen.co.uk/journal/2016/a-brief-history-of-trousers/) as these were the first people to be noted to wear them.

No one outside Yorkshire should eat Yorkshire Puddings.

No one outside Scotland should watch TV.

Pizza should only be eaten in Italy.

This week I listened to a comedian on The Now Show Series 54 Episode 4 (time point 20 mins) (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m00036ln).

The example he gave was Cultural appropriation was like going up to a Sikh chap and saying what do you think of my turban? First if your using the religious terminology, it is known as a Dastaar or pagṛi.

But this presumes two things.

  1. The Sikh chap will for some reason be offended. He may even think you are Sikh. But surely it is for the Sikh to say if he or she is offended. I have never understood how people feel they have the right to be offended for other people. I once heard someone be offended because a comedian was telling a joke about people with dyslexia, and she said she was offended for people who had dyslexia. I am dyslexic and found the joke funny. I was offended by her because she felt she had the right to speak for me (perhaps I am too stupid to give an opinion).
  2. Only Sikhs wear one. Other faiths and people also wear them (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turban).

Indeed in the UK it was very fashionable for women to wear turbans

I point this out as often, whenever someone gives an example of .’Cultural appropriation’, you can often (if not always) show how stupid what they state is.

Those who use the term ‘Cultural appropriation’ are not being politically sensitive, but simply bullies and possibly raciests, in their beliefs.

Stating only some people can wear or do something, is no different to saying that whites sit on the back of the bus and blacks at the front.

As for the victoria secrets models wearing native american fashion. It is odd the same morons do not apply the rules to all, as they do not insist that native americans cannot wear modern clothes (such as jeans). Surly in there nonsense world, the native americans are wearing clothes that are from a different culture. This is why the whole ‘Cultural appropriation’ is nonsense, thought up by rather dim people in order to look intelligent.

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