Could I go Vegan in 2020

For many years now I have been vegetarian.

Over the years it became easier as more firms offered vegetarian food.

I admit I may have eaten things that may not have been vegetarian, such as sweets, where I presumed they were vegetarian. I do not always check for the vegetarian logo. I have presumed sweets were vegetarian, but it turns out not all may be.

I have mean to go vegan, and  I have been getting more vegan food.

The problem has often been it has often been very expensive, but the price sees now to have come down.

In truth it is just milk now I drink that is not vegan. I think the rest of my diet is about 8% vegan.

I just find the milk substitutes so far have not been that great.

However I shall try again in 2020, and let you know the results, in case anyone is interested.

I have in the past purchased vegan ice cream (I did not even know it was vegan, just got it as it was on offer). To me it was no different to normal ice cream.

By the way, never ever put your cat on a vegan diet, as it will probably kill them. If you do, your a moron. I would also be careful putting a dog on a full vegan diet too (get advice from a vet).

I do hear meat eaters saying we are omnivores, and that we are designed to eat meat. I would reply to that, by pointing out that we are (I believe) from rodents, and our diet has not in truth been full meat, as we eat today. But if you go back to stone age man in the UK, I believe the diet was mainly such as shellfish, rather than hunting animals (I could be wrong about this).

My understanding is that it is only recently people ate a lot of meat, as often it was the rich who ate meat that was farmed.

This huge meat diet you see in such as the UK and USA seems to be very recent. It also seems that eating meat is linked with cancer too.

I suspect meat will be eaten less and less. Not just because of those (like me) who see it cruel towards the animals. And the horror they must face when being killed, I cannot imagine. But also many will reduce meat eating for health reasons too. One also suspects meat will become more costly, and so people will reduce meat eating because of cost.