Gone with the Wind (1939) is an amazing film, and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara is great. She is both very amusing as well as dramatic.

In today’s world, such as the Oscars will go on and on about how women do not get top roles. But could any actresses today come close to being as good as Vivien Leigh in this film?

In truth I do not think we are in an age where we have that many great actors or actresses. I could name no more than five who are that talented. Many are simply entertaining who can real off lines in a natural way. However most play themselves, and when we watch, we do not see the person they are supposed to be but the ‘film star’.

But this probably does not matter, when many films made today, seem to be remakes of films that came out a few years ago, and often not as good, but with larger budgets.

I love ‘Gone with the Wind ‘. It is fantastic. However in today’s world, this probably means I am a racist. In the same way I am probably a racist for loving ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ (I always think it is Hazzards).

It is interesting the left see this as a racist film [LINK]. Is it because President Trump likes it, must mean it is bad, in the same way ‘Yorkshire Tea’, is now supposed to be bad, simply because a UK Conservative MP was seen drinking it? You would have thought the left would see this film as being great on the basis most of the top roles were given to women.