Coronavirus: Will we lock-down every-time a new virus pops up?

We are told this is a once in a lifetime virus, but we were told that about the flooding in the UK, that we seem to get every year.

So will the plan be to do a full lock-down each time, with a virus that spreads as quickly as this one? If not, then, does that mean we did a lock-down for no reason?

One problem if the economy of the world crashes, is that this will increase poverty. Poverty is more likely to increase health problems (such as dirty drinking water), and as such, may mean new viruses popping up and spreading around the world.

The threat of a new virus, will mean many will fear a lock-down. The reality is, people may not invest as they once did in certain businesses that are more vulnerable to a lock-down.

One area that may need to be considered more, is the fact that meat for food has many dangers and having people on a vegetarian diet would be far safer. One only has to think of mad cow disease. Crops too are much cheaper, and so in a crashed economy, it may be the best way to feed people with much lower incomes.

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