Coronavirus: Will suicide become rather normal?

At the moment, people are treating this event as a holiday, but soon, people will start to find life hard.

If the deaths increase, we will see people not coping.

For many people in the UK, death, is not common. Due to a health system, people often live and expect to live to a great age.

Having relatives and friends, is going to be hard for many to cope with.

As people loose there jobs, and possibly homes they have paid for, life will become rather grim.

Even those who work, may find the value of there home drop significantly.

As such, we will probably see a rise in suicide.

And with suicide, this will affect friends and relatives, who in turn, may not cope with the situation, leading them to suicide.

World war one and two, created a sober situation in the UK. Many simply did not feel they could be happy. And this sadness became a norm.

The problem today is that children and young adults have been brought up in safe zones, and been told they are safe from any form of upset, and stress. As such, many of these children and young adults, may cope far worse, and as such, be moved towards suicide.

The news is publishing the ‘we are coping’ stories [LINK]. For some (often those who are well off), this may be an inconvenience, but for many, the isolation will kill them, and others, are simply living in fear of what is to come, will they have a job, will they loose there home, will they end up homeless.

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