Coronavirus: Will 20,000 or more suicides be worth the lock-down experiment?

See: Coronavirus: Researchers warn the COVID-19 lockdown will take its own toll on health [LINK].

The suicides have already started [LINK].

It is likely that we will see regular stories of those committing suicides more and more.

Many from simply loosing everything (home, business, job and so on).

While the young, who only a few weeks ago had everything to live for, now have very little hope, as the economy crashes [LINK].

It is strange how so many seem to think that the suicides are acceptable while at the same time, will say how the vulnerable need saving. Perhaps they will try to convince themselves that it was not there fault and they did not fully agree with the lock-down, or perhaps they will try to blame the government for the suicides, yet never taking any responsibility themselves.

This lock-down is probably going to crash the economy. And the result will be for many a dreadful reality. The result being a lot of suicides. But if you believe in the lock-down, then you have to accept the casualties and accept you were partly responsible.

Over the years lives will be wrecked.

While today you may be happy clapping, thinking this is all fun, lets see how you feel in months to come.