Coronavirus: Why the heck are police interfering in the lives of Stephen Kinnock?

The Independent reports ‘Stephen Kinnock issued warning by police after MP pays father Neil birthday visit’ [LINK].

How do the police know if Stephen Kinnock is taking food or medicine to his parents?

Mr Kinnock said he and his wife, the former Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, had visited his parents’ London home for his dad’s 78th birthday and “sat in their front garden for a socially distanced celebration”.

South Wales Police replied to the Aberavon MP’s tweet by saying the visit was “not essential travel”.

So it is now a police state where the police now decide what they deem to be essential travel or not. Lets get rid of the courts too, as clearly we do not need courts, we can just leave it up to the police to decide everything.

Mr Kinnock responded to the public shaming by explaining: “I felt that this was essential travel as I had to deliver some necessary supplies to my parents. I stayed long enough to sing ‘happy birthday’ to Dad, and then I was off.”

So it turns out it was essential travel as he had to deliver supplies to his parents.

So why are the police interfering?

By the way, two days ago, I had ten or so, children race down the road on motorbikes, on the wrong side of the road, pulling wheelies and having a great time, yet not a single police car was chasing them. I guess police are too busy interfering with people. The police have only had these powers a few days, and they are already having the time of there life’s using them to the fullest.

If I had elderly parents, I would be going all the time with food and other things they need. And if you think someone would stop me with fines, they could go to hell. If people want to let there parents die in isolation, that is up to them, but I would have had to have a bullet to my head before I would abandon my parents or grandparents.

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