Coronavirus: Why do those pro lockdown refuse to accept or believe NHS stats and info?

Over the last few days, I have had a few arrogant, middle class people, (many who claim to be pro NHS), tell me lots of drivel that is not true.

They will tell me that healthy children will die, or if you have a skin rash that means you have a health condition and so will die, or any other nonsense that comes into there heads, in order to believe in the lockdown.

Most of these arrogant people seem to be left wing middle class, who do nothing but post how they love the NHS as it is a sort of religion to them.

So I ask them, if they believe the NHS?

Yes they say.

So I then point out that NHS stats show those under 60 with no health risks have almost zero risk from death [LINK].

And when you hear about healthy doctors and nurses dying it is often due to a high viral load [LINK].

And that we see the same stats around the world, such as the USA [LINK].

Then I will post a link to the NHS information on what is classed as high risk [LINK].

This shows why it is unlikely those under 60 with no health conditions have much (if any) risk of death.

And as such, there is no reason, that has yet been presented to lockdown healthy people under 60.

A doctor goes into far more detail about this [LINK].

So rather than reply by saying, your correct, and you have provided evidence to prove your case, in fact often all I get is something like ‘You are a d*ck’, then ‘I am going to block you’.

It is strange how those who claim to love the NHS, choose to ignore ALL evidence, because it goes against there made up belifes.

As I have said before, those who believe in lockdown, seem to have the same mentality as those who believe the world is flat, and choose to dismiss all evidence showing the world is round.

For some reason, they are more than happy to accept the 150,000 deaths from the lockdown [LINK] and not from the virus. Of course at the end of this you MUST include the deaths from the lockdown with the deaths from the virus.

They even dismiss UN links that show 260,000 excess cancer deaths from the economy crashing [LINK].

Experts also question the schools put on lockdown [LINK].

See also: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

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