Coronavirus: Why are the Coronavirus deaths in Sweden lower than the UK?

We are being told that the lock-down/police-state in the UK is stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.

It is recorded today that the UK has 1,408 deaths from the Coronavirus [LINK].

So we are told that if we did not do the lock-down, deaths would be much higher.

So Sweden, who has allowed things to carry on, and people meet up, and pubs open and so on, the death rate will be huge. Yet deaths in Sweden are only 105 deaths [LINK].

You may say that the population of Sweden is 10 million, while the population of the UK is about 66 million, and that makes a difference. Of course it does not, as the logic we are told is that if we did nothing, the virus would spread quickly affecting most people in a short time.

But of course the reality is that most people who get the virus will be fine, even a 71 year old Prince Charles seems to be fine after a few days [LINK].

Have we completely stuffed the UK economy and ended many lives for nothing?