Coronavirus: Why are so many people thinking the lock-down will not end in an economic disaster?

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It is odd that so many people seem to love the idea of this lock-down, and seem to think after a few weeks, life will return to normal.

Do people not understand that the economy is more than likely to crash? [LINK]

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Do people honestly think that in a few months things will be fine when we are already seeing businesses fail [LINK] and many people being unemployed.

Perhaps in the minds of some (those on the left) they see this as a way to get money from the NHS. But once this is over, crime will probably rise and the money will probably go to the police. It is probable the funds to the NHS will be cut as there will not be any money from tax.

Poverty, could become the norm for many, and for many years to come. And when I say poverty, we are talking about real poverty, and not the left wing pretend poverty [LINK].

I still cannot understand why people think his lock-down is a great idea.

A lot seems to be that people have no understanding of this virus.

Someone on twitter told me that if you get this virus you get organ damage. I looked it up, and it is not true. Well it is for 6% and it is presumed they are unhealthy [LINK].

People who are healthy and will not die from this virus are living in fear, while to be honest, from what I have seen, we are doing very little to help the vulnerable, and from what we have heard in the news, they seem to have given up on the elderly if they get this virus [LINK].

And it is not as if we can move to another country to work, as by the looks of things almost every country will end up with a crashed economy.

Once the lock-down is over, will we see people panic selling houses? Many will want to sell as the house price falls, while others will want to sell as they have no jobs.

As jobs go, the result will be a recession, and as such more jobs and businesses fail.

You would have thought that those on the left especially would not want this lock-down, knowing what damage this will do to people.

And will the economy recover in the UK? Well to be honest, why should it? I was a child in the 1970’s and I remember the country was in a mess back then. My understanding what pulled the UK out of this mess was the banking system in the UK, and that the banks have been paying most of the tax [LINK]. Perhaps they will still save the UK economy, but I am not sure they will be making that much profit for a while.

People are scared of this virus right now, but I think they need to be far more scared of what we end up with.

I am just glad I do not have children. I had a friend who wanted to have a kid with e, but I think it would be cruel to the child, as to be honest, I suspect it would not have any prospects in a completely stuffed economy.

Once this is over, I suspect the news will be about people loosing homes, house prices crashing. Businesses going bust. High unemployment. Crime going up. Increase drug use. Increase in alcoholism. Suicides increasing, and becoming the norm. Depression increasing. Poverty. Cuts to services (such as NHS). Increase tax. Increase in ill-health. Riots.

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