Coronavirus: Why are Off-licences Essential retailers?

Why are Off-licences Essential retailers [LINK]?

It seems rather odd that the government sees drinking as important at this point in time.

One wonders why it is important that people should be getting drunk right now.

You would have thought the government would stop alcoholic sales in Off-licences as well as supermarkets. Drunk people may end up hurt and need a and e, or indeed more likely to commit crime. Not to mention, it means people going out to the shops and mixing with others.

Is it also odd that Bicycle shops are open, yet at the same time, the police telling cyclists off for cycling [LINK]? Although this was by Derbyshire Police who seem to make up in there heads what the law is and apply whatever they think should be law, as the law.

One wonders if people will pay these fines they get or go to court, and risk things escalating if you go to court [LINK]. One suspects most will pay, even if they are not breaking the rules. Personally if I am stopped by the police, I will record everything on my phone, as evidence. I will go to court, and fight the fine.

Over the last few days, I have seen the roads full of police vans. It is most odd, as often you see none. Indeed, over the last few years, most people I know who phone the police over a crime, often find police turn up days later. Yet we have police all over the place. One drove behind me for a few miles a few days ago, it was rather disturbing and worrying.

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