Coronavirus: We seem to be protecting the healthy not the vulnerable

See also: Coronavirus: Why Sweden is probably doing things the right way [LINK].

Wheelchair user Samantha Renke has brittle bone disease and has had pneumonia – yet she hasn’t had a letter from the NHS yet [LINK].

This lock-down in the UK, seems to be back-to-front.

We seem to be protecting the healthy, who, we are told will imply at most feel rather unwell for a day or two then be fine. Yet we are pushing everyone who is healthy to act as if they will drop dead as soon as they get this virus. However if they do not get the virus now, and it comes back more deadly and we have not got a vaccine, then perhaps they will drop down dead.

However we seem to be doing little for the vulnerable, who are the ones we should be isolating and protecting.

When I go shopping, I see many elderly at the shops. When I say elderly, I mean over 80, and clearly some are frail who I see slowly walking through the supermarkets.

How many are at home with no food nor help?

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