Coronavirus: Update on my posts/evidence

I have posted that that by the NHS stats, if you are under 60 with no health problems, the chance of death from the virus is almost zero [LINK].

The situation today is:

Only nine people under the age of 19 have died in England with COVID-19, out of a total of 18,420 reported by yesterday, April 26 – 0.05 per cent.


Yet, on twitter people are still claiming many children have died.

It is also worth noting that these 9 children may all have had health problems, known or not known. Or even died from something non related, but the death certificate recorded them having the virus.

When you look at how deaths are recorded, the methods may differ from country to country.

It is also worth noting that the NHS has stated that a new coronavirus-related ‘inflammatory syndrome’ has been seen in children [LINK], similar to COVID-19, doctors say, but some children test negative. So we may have people going into hospital where people think they have COVID-19 and recorded as having COVID-19, when it may be this ‘new inflammatory syndrome’.

I posted why I believed the government caved into public pressure [LINK]. This was based at the time on my own presumptions. However some experts seem to be stating my presumptions are fact based [LINK].

The Government ‘following the science’ mantra could pin the blame for coronavirus deaths on scientists ‘if anything goes wrong’, according to a top microbiologist.

Politicians have repeated the mantra ‘we are following the science’ when questioned on their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Just to finish, it is worth noting that, when we hear deaths from the virus, you MUST include deaths from the lockdown too. It is esitimated 150,000 will die from the lockdown in the UK [LINK]. We also need to look at total deaths, not daily deaths. So when after this virus thing is over, we can see if Sweden has done better than other countries, by looking at ALL deaths in total.

Many seem to be basing everything on daily deaths and pretending deaths from the lockdown do not matter.

It is a bit like exploding a nuclear bomb and only recording deaths from the initial blast, and not the deaths from cancer and so on for years to come.

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