Coronavirus: Traffic light system to get out of lockdown will kill most businesses

Traffic light system to get out of lockdown: Schools could return on May 11 and hairdressers and clothes shops reopen under secret government exit strategy before restaurants start serving – but over 70s face being stuck on ‘red’ signal indoors for a YEAR [LINK]

The first problem will be, if people will want to go back to work, as many will be in fear.

But who will want to go to a restaurant or indeed any place when you will be made to sit miles from each other, not to mention having to stand in lines all the time.

Even if these places get customers, and staff, it is probable that the number of customers will be greatly reduced. This will be down to people loosing jobs (high unemployment), and the fact people will not want to go to these places (fear of the virus, as well as it not being a pleasant experience due to the virus silly rules.

One wonders how many bushiness will bother to open, but rather just close now, rather than have a few months of struggling, before the business closes anyway.

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