Coronavirus: This lock-down is showing us the worst of people

I posted how after going for a walk with the dogs (as we are told we can), on my own and seeing not a single person, I spotted a rather unpleasant sign on a car [LINK].

I find each day I meet lots of people who are rather rude and unpleasant.

While I pass people I will say ‘hi’, most will say ‘Hi’ back, and some will stop for a chat. Others will look forward, angry that I dare speak to them, in case I pass on some virus which will kill them dead that very moment. Even though, the evidence (WHO – World Health Organisation) shows that it spreads via such as a cough [LINK].

One chap I see which his, wife and child will jump into a ditch or hide behind a tree, as you get close. One presumes his child will end up on drugs in later life after seeing her (I think it is a girl) farther as a coward.

This lock-down seems to be about protecting the young and healthy, who have almost no risk of death. Most of these people seem to have little interest in the vulnerable, making sure they put themselves first and that they get all the food items in the shops for themselves.

As I type this I am still reading how the vulnerable are not being looked after [LINK] and how people are facing death as they have had operations and so on cancelled [LINK] and how the economy will crash and house prices will crash [LINK].

All this to protect a few cowards, who are scared in case they feel a bit unwell for a few days.

The cowards even put notes on peoples cars who are taking food to the vulnerable [LINK].

Would we have had this lock-down when I was a toddler in the 1970’s? I suspect not. Back then, we did not seem to have lots of self-righteous middle classes morons, as we do today, living in fear 24/7. Even as far as going out cycling with a silly bit of plastic on there heads, in a false belief that it will protect them from a lorry running them over. And yes the case studies conflict, with many stating they have very little safety [LINK].

I will not wear a helmet while cycling, as I have noticed cars get much closer to those cyclists who wear them, presumably because they see these cyclists as safer and less likely to pull in front of them. I find cars give me a far greater distance as I do not wear one.

I pointed this fact out to a lady who rented a room in the same building as my studio was when she came in with her silly plastic helmet on. I informed her that cars will get much closer to her with the helmet on, and she would probably be safer without it. Being a self-righteous middle class person, she stated she knew best. A few weeks later a car ran her over, and she was in hospital.

The reason I talk about cycling helmets, is that I very much see the lock-down to that of wearing a silly bit of plastic on your head. Both, seem to be nothing but a false pretense of safety, while in fact one suspects doing far more harm than good.

Of course I am not telling anyone to not wear a silly bit of plastic on your heard, so you can cycle around looking a prat, that is your choice. But just do not demand others, such as myself, to also wear one and live in 24/7 fear.

But as a child in the 1970’s, we did not live in fear, we played on building sites. We took risks.

Just watch this vid, where people do not live with fear and subjected to lots of pointless health and safety rubbish [LINK]. Then compare that wonderful life, to the cowardly lives of the self-righteous middle class’s who no longer live, but hide away in protection from everything.

And the result from this modern day living in fear, is a world shut down by a virus, that may kill no more than the flu does each year.

Many seem, to be under the belief that after a few months, the world will return back to normal. Yet, what we may find, could be far worse than any can expect. The world that comes after this Coronavirus panic, will be a world many will not expect, or cope with. We may see poverty that has not been seen for many years.

Ad the ones who may suffer most, may indeed be the self-righteous middle class’s, who find they loose jobs, houses, businesses. Not only will they may d=suffer but also there children, and there children.

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