Coronavirus: The UK propaganda is like being in the USSR

We are fed a lot of propaganda by such as the BBC, with stories of lots of happy people at home having a great time [LINK].

This does not reflect the reality I see each day, where people walk around in the woods, scared in case the Stasi (UK Police) fines or arrests them, if they dare take a two minute walk in a park.

And yet those who are stopped by the police or such as sitting in the sun are often on there own, doing no harm, while they are confronted by police who are not wearing masks, within only a few millimeters of them. Sometimes a few police walk together.

People will tell you, they feel this is wrong. But do so, by at the same time checking in case someone may hear them.

People line up in long lines at supermarkets, in the pretense that this nonsense will make them less likely to be exposed to the Coronavirus, while in fact exposing people for an hour or more while stood in the line.

This new USSR style government, has its informers. So many self-righteous (often middle class) people are far too keen to report people for daring to think for themselves and daring to go out and have a walk and having a moments worth of fun.

One wonders how long it will be before it is law that we are seen in public grinning, as they did in the USSR.

The propaganda machine has the people clap each Thursday for the NHS. This reminds me of the tools of the USSR. I shudder when I see and hear those clapping away, in pure compliance. Most NHS workers will not hear or see the claps. But is it in fact for the NHS or simply to ensure people are complying by the new controls.

This reminds me of the USSR patriotic marches and ideological ceremonies. How long one wonders before the claps turn to singing, “Each of us is a spark, together we are a flame!”.

In the USSR children would be invited to the podium to recite patriotic poems, today they are encouraged to paint rainbow flags or such nonsense and display them on there homes, in order that the best citizens are published in the news.

As with the old USSR, we are now being fed stories of our modern Soviet heroes [LINK], while at the same time we publicly humiliate those who refuse to comply by the USSR rules and regulations [LINK].

The NHS is now the weapon, used cleverly by the Conservative party, to control the population. It used to be the weapon Labour used to get votes, scaring people into believing that the NHS was only safe under Labour. Now the Conservatives have been clever enough to use the NHS as a weapon, to put fear into people. Dare you not comply with our rules, then the NHS will not cope, we are consistently told. And then we are provided with story after story of the brave NHS workers [LINK].

This is then backed up by fear. Fear of death. Just see the amount of stories fed to you in order that you believe you are at risk of death [LINK]. Yet the truth is, unless you have health problems and over 60, then, it is very very very unlikly you will die [LINK].

We are now being told that these three 3 are now to be 18 months of lock-down, and Stasi (UK Police) control [LINK].

But it is clear many in the UK are not believing this rubbish, nor want Stasi (UK Police) control. We see comments on such as the Daily Mail, where people object to this nonsense.

But sadly the new informers, the self-righteous (often middle class) will post responses saying they are stupid, and that they are a minority and so should not be listened to.

But while most of us are unhappy, we will be fed daily by the USSR style propaganda machine that everybody is having a great time, and we will be presented with smiling people, in order to give you the belief that the word is happy [LINK].

See: This Is How Propaganda Works: A Look Inside A Soviet Childhood [LINK].

Remember folks, this is for your own good, you will be told, directly from an old USSR handbook.

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