Cops say they WILL fine and arrest Brits flouting coronavirus lockdown in this weekend’s mini 20C heatwave [LINK].

We are told that you are allowed to go out for exercise, yet at the same time told you are not allowed to.

So the police (who I have seen stood next to each other and in groups of 4 with no face masks), are going to force people to stay at home and presumably walk around the local park close to each other, rather than going out, into the countryside and not being close to anybody.

Well that sounds like a smart thing.

While at the same time you can be stood next to many people on the London tube [LINK].

On Radio 4 I listened to Labour MP Harriet Harman who gave some excellent advice (I am being sarcastic), by informing us we should organised our local park into a rota system, where we would take it in turns to go for our walk.

So the advise seems to be, if you get in your car, and go for a walk in the countryside, and meet no one all day, that is bad, but if you go walk local passing hundreds of people as you do, this is good.

At this point, you may be thinking, all these people who are in charge are morons.