Coronavirus: The Stasi (UK Police) have a lock-down checklist that many will ignore [LINK]

The Police seem to have listed things you can or cannot do.

Apparently in our new USSR style system, you now need to have a ‘reasonable excuse’ to do anything.

I should not in truth say the UK is in a USSR style system, as that is not fair on the old USSR, where I think they had far more freedoms.

Apparently you cannot drive a long distance. How driving one mile or 100 miles affects anything, I have no idea.

Sitting on a park bench is another thing you cannot do. How sat on a park bench for a while or at all, increases the risk of getting or spreading the virus, again I have no idea. So if you feel ill, and have heat problems, the advise seems to be, do not sit down, but keep walking until you drop dead from a heart attack.

Forms of acceptable exercise during the period include going for a run or cycle or practicing yoga, walking in the countryside or in cities and attending an allotment.

Yet you are also told you cannot go to the countryside, and if you do, many car parks are closed.

I see many running, and I see them breathing heavily. I would presume running would increase the chance of spreading the virus as you breath deeper and harder.

Furthermore, visiting a friend in their home or meeting in public to socialise is also banned under the guidelines after the lockdown was brought in on March 23.

People will simply claim that there friend is vulnerable. Indeed many people are vulnerable.

But at the same time, you can get on the underground in London and be pushed up against many people [LINK].

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