Coronavirus: The Stasi (UK Police) enjoying the police-state powers

The Stasi (UK Police) enjoying the police-state powers [LINK].

Are you enjoying this new police-state folks?

Long are the days when you could go for a dog walk without fear of being stopped and fined.

Are we to take police, who are in some of these pics, in groups of three or more, with no makes on, telling people who are clearly on there own, and not close to anyone, that they are taking huge risks. Is it not in truth the case, the police could be the ones exposing the virus to the public? Would you not think the police, have some micro intelligence and would only approach the public if there was a great need to.

It may be the case that the Stasi (UK Police) have the ability not to get the Coronavirus or pass it on to the public. But one suspects they do not have these abilities.

Should one be amused that the police walk around (as in one of the pics) in groups of three, going up to random members of the public, who appear to be on there own, and probably doing a daily exercise as they are told they can, and then giving them fines and/or a telling off. It seems rather odd.

Commissioner Cressida Dick told LBC: “We are all getting used to the new restrictions and I’ve been very clear that in the first instance I want my officers to be engaging with people, talking to people, encouraging them to comply.

One would have presumed that the idea we are told is not to engage with people, and to keep some distance. Perhaps the rules and advice have changed and now we are allowed to mix with people, as the UK police are demonstrating by example.

It comes as pictures taken this morning showed cops using their powers to stop cars and quiz cyclists.

So we are to be questioned now, on what we are doing, and planning to do. I am not sure if even the East German Stasi was this power mad.

How long before we need a pass to leave our homes, one wonders.

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