Coronavirus: The Stasi (UK Police) enjoying the police-state powers at Newcastle turns out what they did was ILLEGAL

Britain’s first conviction for breaching lockdown was ‘ILLEGAL’: Bungling police used ‘wrong law’ to fine 41-year-old woman £800 when she refused to say why she was at Newcastle Station [LINK].

It turns out the police have no idea what they were doing [LINK].

Kirsty Brimelow QC, one of Britain’s leading human rights lawyers, told The Times: ‘Powers under the Coronavirus Act [do not] relate to a direction to provide identity or reason for a journey. So it seems that she has been prosecuted and convicted for an offence which does not exist under this act. She has an option of appeal.’



North Wales police officers face ridicule after accidentally pulling over their own chief constable during coronavirus lockdown checks amid backlash at ‘overzealous’ enforcement [LINK].

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