Coronavirus: The self-righteous middle classes are fuming at the working classes who are sticking two fingers up at them

#Coronavirus : Greater Manchester Police warning after 660 parties shut down.

“That included 494 house parties – some with DJs, fireworks and bouncy castles – and 166 street parties.”

People, c’mon.


The self-righteous middle classes are fuming at the working classes who are sticking two fingers up at them.

It is rather entertaining to read tweet after tweet from the self-righteous middle classes who have clearly presumed that they are so important in the world, that the working classes will obey there ‘stay home’ message, they consistently post on such as twitter.

It turns out the working class are sticking two fingers up at them, and going for walks, having parties and living. Not living in fear as the self-righteous middle classes are (and think we should all be living in fear).

Perhaps being constantly labeled stupid has not helped.

To be fair, I cannot blame these people for having parties and fun.

See: Coronavirus: Greater Manchester Police warning after 660 parties shut down [LINK]

And before someone states I am being irresponsible, experts have stated those between 20 and 30 should be free from the lock-down.

See: Coronavirus: Releasing 20 to 30-year-olds who no longer live with their parents could be the best route out of lockdown and avoid an ‘extraordinary recession’, experts suggest — but at the cost of around 630 extra deaths [LINK]

And guess what, we will see huge illegal raves over the next few months, and for all your self-righteous middle classes posts on twitter, how your fuming, they will carry on, with the excitement of dashing off as soon as the police turn up.

And of course, when the police turn up, do they turn up with masks, on there own? Of course not, they turn up in a big group of five to arrest someone for taking a film/photographs in a public place that you are legally allowed to do so [LINK].

And yes, if your in London, you can be in a packed tube [LINK].

And no, I am not telling people to break the law.

I am pointing out human nature.

I am also a bit fed up with the self-righteous middle classes that have taken it upon themselves to condemn people for going for a walk, or sitting in a park on there own, when they are not near anyone.

But often the self-righteous middle classes clearly are morons. They will moan that someone is on there own sat in a park, but demand thy are home, sat in a garden, that may mean they are inches from the person next door in there garden.

The result of this nonsense is that the woods near me, where I walk the dog, and never see anyone for hours, is now crammed full of people walking, running, cycling. Everyone close together as when they pass on the path, you have no option to be close together. Yet should I dare go into the countryside to walk the dogs and meet no one at all, these thick self-righteous middle classes would have a heart attack.

And before one of these smart arse self-righteous middle classes states that if everybody did that, then the countryside will be packed. Well, where I go, and have gone for years I see no one ever, even in the summer holidays. In fact I often do shoots in these places for hours with models running around naked and having sex with each other, it is so quiet. So I do not buy that argument at all.

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