Coronavirus: The pure obedience of people is an interesting experiment

I posted this yesterday: Coronavirus: Health Secretary Matt Hancock states the UK government may ban exercise “of all forms” outside homes [LINK].

I have had so many people on twitter saying, even if the rule will achieve nothing, we should follow it.

I am not telling people not to follow the rule (or is it now law?), but to simply question it.

It is most interesting how people are too scared to question a rule.

The interesting thing is, one suspects these are the same people who would be posting that Nazis are wrong and that if they were in Nazi Germany, they would not have gone along with things. But clearly they would have. They would have said, it is for our own good, and get upset should anyone disagree or challenge the opinions.

In the same way, they would clearly have been happy with slavery, as it was the rules.

So we have millions in the UK, happy to stay inside, even though many know this will achieve very little, but it is the rules.

Chances are, they would be happy to jump of a bridge if told to [LINK].

I will post a few of the replies I got.

So, if somebody comes at you with a knife because they think the rules around not doing so are “stupid”, then that would be okay? Or is there a time and a place for ignoring rules and, I don’t know, a global pandemic being one of them?


People come at me with knifes many time. My friend will come at me with a knife and fork when she makes my tea. I was not aware it was against the rules for her to do so.

but jack things it’s just a flu..


I presume he means thinks.

Clearly I did not state this, and I asked him to retract his lie. However at time of writing this, he has not. I presume he thinks we should take notice of someone who lies.

60 really isn’t that old and a good chunk of them haven’t even got to enjoy retirement yet.


I stated you should isolate/protect the vulnerable. Why are people too lazy to read what I have posted?

The heathy get sick and infect the vulnerable, you’re thick aren’t you. I can’t be arsed arguing with you any more, goodbye.


I asked how the sick can infect the vulnerable, if the vulnerable are isolated. At time of me writing this, he has not replied.

The fact that they could be spreading it to those that will go to hospital, or to shop keepers or nurses etc etc


I would have presumed people going on London’s tubes and those going shopping are more likely to do this, and those who are miles from anyone sunbathing, and who probably will go home and meet no one, are less likely. As I write this, no reply.

I don’t dispute that. That’s not the issue. Sunbathing is not a necessity, nor is it exercise.


So the fact that sunbathing on your own, when your not meeting someone, will harm no one, they should not do it, as it is against a rule??? I pointed out that, under that logic, you would sit and watch the Jews being killed in Nazi Germany, as it was the rules, and Slavery when it was legal, was fine as it was the rules. As I write this, no reply.

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