Coronavirus: The nonsense keeps on going

Coronavirus: New guidance for weddings in England [LINK].

The Daily mail states that today is day 98 of the Coronavirus nonsense.

I posted this April 4th: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

Back in April the evidence seemed to have suggested that those under 70 with no health problems were at low risk. Indeed probably had a greater risk of being run over. Since then, the evidence seems to still be the same.

As I have stated, the evidence would suggest that those under 70 with no health risks should have been allowed to carry on while we protect those over 70 with health risks as well as others with health risks. So far after 98 days we seem to have protected the healthy and done rather little for the vulnerable.

We certainly have not had hospitals overloaded as some claimed.

We have acted as if the healthy were going to die, and from what we have seen, most (if not all) those who have died have been over 70 with health problems. Note that just because someone was reported to have had no known health problems, does not mean they have no health problems. As in the case of a footballer who goes for a run, then drops dead, and it is later found out he had heart problems. many who hear no health problems seem to presume it means the person is healthy.

What about doctors and nurses who have died but were healthy?

I have covered that:

Coronavirus: High viral load means healthy doctors and nurses are vulnerable and can die from the Coronavirus [LINK].

After seeing the BLM protests, most people know have got to the stage they have no more interest in the lock down. Indeed, so far we have not seen a spike in the Coronavirus cases from the area, nor from those who went on the beaches. Of course, this is not to say we will not, as there can be a lag of several weeks.

The BBC reports that:

Hands should be washed before and after the exchanging of rings, and the rings should be handled by as few people as possible.


Personally if I was to get married I would ignore every single one of those rules.

Should the police enter, I would claim that we are all black and it is a BLM event.

Should anybody wear a mask, they would be asked to leave.

As for masks, I am still seeing smug self-righteous Know-it-alls, still telling people to wear masks. Yet the evidence has been that to prevent the spread you need to wear medical grade masks (N95 or above) that are correctly fitted. Some evidence would suggest that masks may reduce the spread slightly, but one questions if this would be of any great benefit overall.

The virus is so small that it can pass through most home made masks. Indeed even N95 medical masks are considered not fine enough to prevent the virus passing. Many masks you see people wear have gaps next to such as the nose, where when people breath in and out, the air goes via the gaps rather than via the mask.

WHO has stated wearing face masks is not needed [LINK].

The danger is that the result of making people live in fear is they simply stay in fear. Many may take some time to get back to normal, if indeed they ever do.

Last week when walking down a street I witnessed a rather middle class farther scream at his children to stand to the side as someone walked past. One can only imagine how the mental health of people will be affected for years to come. One suspects we will see many living with mental health problems from this fear, resulting in ill health.

This week, my local supermarket has now placed some sort of bullet proof plastic up around the store. It seems rather pointless considering we are on day 98 of the lockdown.

One suspects we will see many businesses now fail over the next few months, as clearly fewer people will go out to the shops. I expect many stores will quickly give up on treating customers like dirt, by making them stand in line as if they were two years of age in the cold and rain to enter a shop, then to have staff treat them as if they were filth by standing behind plastic screens. This happened to me this week, where I was asked what I was going for, by the chap on the door before he allowed me in. In the end I left and purchased from the internet.

One suspects unemployment will shoot up over the next few months, followed by a crash in the housing market.

One suspects those happy clapping middle class people who think the lock down is wonderful, will in a few months time, not be so happy when they see the value of there property fall and they may even loose there jobs.

One suspects some bushiness will not even bother to open up again.

It will be now business will see the impact. As many will be allowed to open up, they will see too few customers to make things worth carrying on.

Leicester lockdown: Restrictions could be extended for two weeks [LINK].

The fact that Leicester can be shut down again, should also be a consideration to business owners, that even if you open your shop again, you may be shut down again. Would anyone in truth waste there time and money to open a business to find it being forced to shut, then open, then close, whenever someone feels like it.

Most of what we have seen, has not been logical.

For instance, a few months ago we had police pester people for walking on there own in the countryside [LINK]. Though walking local with lots of other people was apparently the correct thing to do. So someone who was 70 and may be vulnerable to the virus was getting told off, even though they were (one suspects) far safer to be walking on there own, miles from anybody, but yet told that what they should be doing was to walk with many others locally were they would be getting close to people.

I had some prat smugly say say ‘I hope your social distancing’ as I was walking the dogs. He was your typical smug middle class twit who thinks he is above everybody. So I stopped and said to the mask wearing moron, that I was not, and I choose not to live in fear. Others stood to listen. I pointed out that I have no health problems, and I have no relatives who are over 50, or will be in contact with any vulnerable people. I then asked him what did he think the worst case would be for me, as that if I have not had the virus already, chances are it would be a mild cold for someone in my position. And once I have it I would then be fine to mix with others. Being a typical thick middle class moron, he walked away muttering some drivel about Darwinism, to suggest that I was thick and as such would get the virus and drop dead. The irony being that ‘survival of the fittest’ would mean that he living in fear of everything, would be more likely to be less healthy than myself, and that he had proved my case for me.

For those who are vulnerable, or will be in contact with someone vulnerable, it does make sense to take precautions. However I would question what is the point of those who are young and healthy who live on there own, who have no contact with vulnerable people, to be living in fear with silly masks on. I often see these young people driving on there own in cars with masks on, and wonder what they think the mask is doing?

I am now finding used masks all over being dropped. One suspects that in months or years to come, these masks will be seen as an environmental disaster. The woods near me now are littered with these masks.

It is also interesting that the media have stopped reporting on Sweden.

Coronavirus: Sweden Says Controversial Virus Strategy Proving Effective [LINK].

Back in April the news reported that Sweden was going to carry on as normal, though I believe they protected the vulnerable.

The smug people kept saying, it will go wrong for them. It is now almost July, and things seem fine for Sweden. The media at the time were posting news stories about Sweden as clearly they presumed Sweden was going to go bad and so prove the lockdown was correct. Of course now Sweden is fine, the media look rather silly. Those who were at first pro lockdown, now seem to be changing there minds.

But when Neil Ferguson who is supposed to be the expert on this virus, has no real fears from it, and even himself ignores it [LINK]. If the UK government and UK police believed there was a risk, then no way would they have allowed any BLM protests to take place in recent weeks.

In truth at this point in time, in the UK most people have considered the virus to be no threat and carried on with there lives, ignoring those who sit in fear, sat inside, feeling smug that they are complying with some rules they were told to comply with, like a toddler being told to sit with there hands on there heads, without even questioning the logic, who fume at those who do not go along with the rules, and will report them for not doing so.