Coronavirus: The ‘New Normal’ will not last more than a few weeks

It is reported people have got fed up of the lockdown and started to go back to work [LINK].

We are told that the new normal will be to treat customers like trash [LINK]. Well all it will do is mean most people will order online, rather standing in lines for hours in the heat, or rain, or snow. So any shops that bother to open will end up going belly up as they loose customers. In the end they will have no option but to go back to how things were in order to keep customers.

Someone who advises restaurants told me that they will go bust as they will have to remove tables (so you can spread customers out), and many people will not feel comfortable going.

And the police look like morons telling people off for being in a field having a cup of tea when you have lots of people close together at shops [LINK].

One suspects regardless if the lockdown is lifted officially or not, many people will go back to work, and the UK government will then declare we can go back to work (otherwise look rather stupid) and after a few weeks, any silly ‘new normal’ rules will be ignored.