Coronavirus: Sweden still seems to be doing the correct thing

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Sweden still seems to be doing rather well.

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Cases of death are still low, even though the Sweden is not in lock-down. However they are protecting the vulnerable.

One presumes that deaths are not jumping up, simply because those under 60 with no health problems are very unlikely to die [LINK].

Or to put it another way, if we had no unhealthy people and no one above 60, the death rate would be close to zero from the virus.

As I have stated before, my presumption why we did the lock-down seems to be based on the presumption that this virus would kill everybody equally [LINK].

It is interesting that the Daily Mail is now posting Sweden’s recorded number of coronavirus infections rather than the death rate. When I first read the title, I presumed the death was 812 today and not the 131.

LINK: Sweden sees record number of coronavirus infections for second day in a row – 812 – after warning it may CLOSE bars and restaurants if people keep ignoring social distancing [LINK]

131 deaths is still very low, considering we are being told that the death rate will shoot up.

But even if the deaths rate shoots up each day, this should still mean lower deaths in the long run [LINK].

People seem rather too occupied with the daily death rates, rather than the total deaths at the end of this panic.

For instance, if you get the death rate to 100 each day, this is not important, if you cannot burn the virus out, and it goes on for months. While you may have a death rate of 500 each day, but if that lasts a few weeks, it will be far less in total than a country that has 100 deaths a day, but does so for months if not years.

So to conclude if a country has taken the correct path, we need to look at the total deaths, time the virus burns out, plus the deaths from the lock-down (not the virus), and finally how much damage this will have on the economy of the country.

The death rate must not be from the virus deaths alone, but include the deaths from the lock-down.

It is estimated that 150,000 people will die or kill themselves due to the lock-down [LINK].

We should also consider too the fact that the lock-down, will increase alcoholism, drug use, and the mental health of people [LINK].

It is also possible children will not get vaccinated for other health issues and so we may see spikes in illnesses that could have been prevented with vaccinations [LINK].

It must also be remembered that those who do get the virus, will probably be protected if we get a deadly second wave as we did with the Spanish flu [LINK].

One thing I find odd, is why healthy people are doing everything not to get this virus who may have elderly parents or grandparents. I have no elderly grandparents or parents. But if I did, I would have done everything to get the virus, so that after a week or so, I could visit my relatives knowing they could not get the virus from me.

Just to finish. Some have said what about nurses and doctors who have died, that they were healthy. The reason for the deaths is often due to a high viral load [LINK].

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