Sunbathing IS banned: Government warns people they risk fines for lying down in the sun ahead of 75F Easter weekend – because ‘it is NOT essential movement’ [LINK].

Asked the clarify the rules today, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman confirmed that anyone caught sunbathing could be fined, saying: ‘People should not be going to parks or beaches to sunbathe. It goes against our rules on essential movement.’

How pathetic.

I fail to see how Sunbathing on your own is more dangerous than the woods near me full of people walking in large groups.

All these silly rules are doing is pushing lots of people closer together, as they are walking/running/cycling all together in fewer areas because the government or council keeps shutting more and more areas down.

I used to walk the dogs in the local wood and never see anyone all day long, now I see someone every 30 seconds.

So is the idea everybody stays in 100% of the time, gets depressed then suicide?