Coronavirus: Prince Charles out of virus self-isolation – no updates

I have posted today: Coronavirus: Prince Charles out of virus self-isolation [LINK]

I have seen no more updates about this.

However, the BBC reported that Prince Charles tests positive but ‘remains in good health’ [LINK] on the 26th March 2020. Surly if he was to be in isolation for 7 days, he would not leave until April 2nd. Of course he may have been tested several days before.

Also, the NHS site states if you live with someone, your supposed to self isolate for 14 days [LINK].

It seems odd that we have had no updates about this.

I guess if people see a 71 get well quickly from this Coronavirus, they may think, this Coronavirus panic is stupid, as most people will get well from it, and we have screwed the UK economy for nothing. Not to mention, all the people who may die from not seeing a doctor, and all the people who will be murdered and hurt from the increased domestic abuse [LINK].

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