Coronavirus: Peter Hitchens article in the Daily Mail

In reference to the Daily Mail article [LINK].

Many seem to be getting upset by the Peter Hitchens article.

Yet what is one argument he puts forward.

He points out that about 1,600 people die every day in the UK normally.

That the UK is doing, is closing up the system, where if you believe you may have cancer or other life threatening illnesses, you will find it much harder to see a doctor, and so many people will die, who may have been helped with early medical care.

By isolating the vulnerable (such as the elderly) for months and months, many will die not from the Coronavirus, but from lack of exercise (going out, meeting people), getting medical treatment (they are not at home rather than seeing a doctor) and already we have cases of some dying as they have no food in as they cannot go out, and are not getting deliveries.

Not to mention the many thousands, who will probably kill themselves as they loose everything as they have lost there job, and cannot pay bills.

While this may have naturally spread, and the young and healthy quickly got the Coronavirus, while isolating the vulnerable for a few weeks, this now may drag on for 12 months. In reality, this means the vulnerable are more likely to get the Coronavirus due to the time it will be around.

It is also likely that as soon as the weather warms up, everybody will be sat outside in there gardens anyway and so the virus may spread from house to house as people are sat only a few yards from each other, as well as chatting to each other over the garden fence.

The ones who seem to be supporting this UK lock-down, seem to be the young, middle class, who are seem to be only looking after themselves, who wile may be posting on twitter how they support the NHS and so on, are the same ones who ran out and bulk purchased food.

I have spoken to many elderly while out walking the dogs, who say they would rather get the Coronavirus, than sit rotting away at home in isolation. Many fear they will be dead from being sat inside from doing nothing, more than going out, getting exercise and seeing there friends.

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