Coronavirus: Peak District drone police criticised for ‘lockdown shaming’

Do the police think it is safer to have lots of people walking together or few people walking on there own?

The police have been telling a few people off for walking. However, would it not be the case these people are being safe? After all the area is vast and the numbers going are low.

I have gone to these areas even when busy, and as the area is so large you can find you do not see anyone for ages.

The alternative is to have everyone walk or run local to them, where they are close to others. Indeed, where I walk the dogs daily, I never see anyone. I now see someone every three minutes. Rather than let people go out, and thus, they will be further from each other, the policy seems to now be encouraging everyone to be close to each other as possible.

The police, who probably have very little to do at the moment, as crime must have reduced as no one is going out to the pubs getting drunk, and so no fights. And with most people home, one cannot see many break-ins, posted this twitter post:

As you can see, the walkers are a long way from each other, and so, clearly safe.

It is events such as this, that make the police look rather stupid.

One suspects that more people will go, once the weather gets nicer.

And in the meantime you can go on a packed underground train and be pushed up next to many people.

However, someone walking a large distance from other people, is apparently far more dangerous than all the people on trains, buses, and the underground, and next to each other in shops.

The logic of this is rather odd.

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