Coronavirus: One thing this Coronavirus has done is expose how unpleasant the left are

To start with I am not a Conservative, and if I voted, it would be for the Green party.

The Coronavirus has done one thing, and it has exposed the Labour supporters as extremely unpleasant people.

Coronavirus: ‘DON’T FALL FOR IT’ Labour councillor claims Boris Johnson fighting for life in intensive care was a ‘publicity stunt for sympathy’ [LINK]
Coronavirus: Labour mayor hit with furious backlash for saying Boris Johnson ‘completely deserves’ intensive care coronavirus battle as left-wing trolls target PM with abuse on social media [LINK]

Then you see these people on Twitter.

Today these people are posting #BorisTheButcher.

When we had the #ClapForBoris, many were posting how they wanted Boris Johnson to die. While others were posting that they would record who in there street was clapping for Boris Johnson. So if someone clapped for Boris Johnson, were they going to get a brick through there window, or have there address put online?

And yet these vile disgusting people will then pretend they are caring, and talk about how they feel sorry for people who are poor (not that any of these middle class thugs know anyone poor).

These are not nice people, these are thugs.

And guess what, the more they post and show how disgusting they are, the more people do not want anything to do with them, and the less chance Labour will get votes.

I know see those who are Labour supporters, in the same way as I see BNP supporters. That is not true, as I am now thinking, BNP supporters are nicer people than Labour supporters.

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