Coronavirus: Once the lock-down ends, see all the ‘for-sale’ signs shoot up like leaves on a tree

Estate agents are said to be the first to open [LINK].

The moment they do, I predict we will see a rush to sell, as people loose jobs and know house prices will fall [LINK].

Many will sell hoping that they will only have a small loss now, rather than hang on even a few months, as the house prices drop.

But who will buy?

People will have no jobs, and even those with jobs will know that unless you work for the government, then your job may not be that safe.

Coffee shops and restaurants are also to open [LINK], but these are luxuries, and many will cut back.

Will people even go out? We have a nation sat at home in terror. When you go out people walk quickly from you. Will people who are scared to go out today, feel safe to go out once restrictions are lifted? Probably not.

So will it even be worth the time and effort to open your coffee shop or restaurant back up, when the chances are you will have fewer customers? Those that do, may find they simply go bust.

All of these shops will have to practise social distancing with gaps between tables to ensure they are safe.


Even if you do go to a restaurant, it sounds like it will be a rather unpleasant experience. One can only imagine the joyless atmosphere of everyone sat miles from each other, with face masks on, and the moment someone coughs, everybody runs out in fear.

They call for a small number of high street stores to open as Britain ‘must learn to live with Covid’ until a vaccine is mass produced in 12 to 18 months.

It is probable that we have already done huge economic damage to the UK economy. In 12 to 18 months (probably much less) you may as well start printing money and just pay everybody a basic wage, as the only business that will have any chance of functioning by then will be supermarkets, and those who provide food and goods for supermarkets. That is if they still have food on the shelves.

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