Coronavirus: Observations 9th April 2020

Please see: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

A hot day today.

I noticed far more people out.

Many sunbathing and having a great time.

I went to the supermarket, and the one I went to, the woman at the counter started to ask where my basket was. I had no idea what she was on about.

She started going on about how I needed a basket, to put my stuff in, and pack away from her.

I said I only have two items, and I said I think you are a basket case.

The fat woman in front of me, told the lady how she at least supported what they were trying to do.

I thought this is getting silly now. In fact I thought, ‘Oh good grief’, as Charlie Brown does.

Well not much more to say.

I fixed my broadband, as I worked out my mates cat Blossom (who I am looking after), and done a tinkle on the wire/connector and it had rusted/rotted. I did a bodge job, and it is fine now.

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