Coronavirus: Observations 8th April 2020

Please see: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

Well it felt like summer today.

The sun makes you feel so much better. I considered the fact that they have banned sunbathing [LINK] and the fact that this could mean many do not get into the sun and so feel depressed [LINK].

I had to go to three shops today for items for my vulnerable friend.

Each shop has some wally, who now feels they are police or something, and it has given them great importance to stand and tell people how to stand at the shop, in a line.

The first shop, a sort of budget chemist, a large lady stood at the door, a few inches from me and had me and one other person line up. People walked past us as they went to other shops. She let us in when she had concluded it was safe.

When I went to pay, she told me to stand behind a red line. I was a centimeter over the line, and so was ordered to move back, as apparently this would make a huge difference.

The next shop was the pound shop. The manager (I presume he was the manager) lined us all up outside. You could tell this new power made him feel important. Again, many walked past us, so it did seem that this action was only making us more exposed to the virus.

The final shop, when we went to pay, I was amused that although we were made to stand six feet apart, that customers would be stood next to us picking items from the shelves. I started to giggle on the nonsense of the pointless lining up, when it still meant being next to each other.

I took the dogs for a walk in the sun. It was nice.

I must remember to get cat food, as I am looking after my friends cat, and almost running out.

I noticed on the roads that two small cars raced each other. They were tiny blue cars. They raced around going in and out of the cars. I see this each day now, people racing. It must be rather common thing to do, perhaps a new trend. With the roads not so busy, I guess it is like a racetrack for these kids.

I could do with changing the car oil, but the only place I know that is open, is very expensive, and no way am I going to pay there silly prices.

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