Coronavirus: Observations 6th April 2020

It has been almost a week without BT Broadband as it broke. We are told Monday it will be fixed, so with luck, I will be online properly again within the next few hours.

Please see: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

Sugar posted: I can’t for the life of me understand what @piersmorgan is on about in respect to sunbathing. If you are 10 ft away from the next person in the open what’s wrong with that. In Essex we have big fields if you are in the middle of one chilling out in the sun whats wrong with that ? [LINK].

In truth I agree, and I have posted ‘Coronavirus: Health Secretary Matt Hancock states the UK government may ban exercise “of all forms” outside homes’ [LINK].

I question what harm this is going to do, when we are told that 92% of deaths are from those aged 60 or older with health problems [LINK]. Indeed those under 60 (very few) have in most cases health problems. So one presumes that if your healthy and get the virus you will NOT need to go into hospital, in the same way you would not if you got the cold or flu.

I was told by many I was stupid, but yet not a single person could explain what harm this would do.

One person stated I would infect a vulnerable person. But as vulnerable people are isolated, I cannot see how I could do this, unless I was going to break into there home. I suspect I would not be breaking into anyone’s homes.

It has been a nice day, and I walked the dogs. I came no closer to anyone than at least 30 feet, so I presume I was being good. However the council had blocked the road off where we park, so we had to park on the main road. Some twit of a councilor will have got a ‘hard on’ making up silly rules, just for power, that achieve nothing at all.

At a shop, the poor girl who was letting us in, had to apply the new stupid rules of her firm. Even she stated they were stupid. For some reason, you could not go in with anyone else. So the couple in front of me, who were stood in the line, the wife went in first. Then the husband 30 seconds later. They met up once inside.

The roads now have people racing each other as fast as they can. The police see to be far too busy telling some old chap off for walking his poodle miles from anyone, to be stopping these boy racers.

I forget to mention, when walking home a few nights ago, the chap I was speaking to said he was a Christian, and could he pray for me. I said yes to be polite. I did not expect hi to stand doing a prayer in the street. I did not tell him I did porn, and chances are I would have a first class ticket to hell, and his prayer was not likely to help me very much.