Coronavirus: Observations 7th April 2020

Please see: Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

It was a nice warm day today.

People walk around, almost animated, in the way you see in a zombie film. It is most unnatural the way you see families walk up and down the streets. They do not look happy, nor do they seem to even want to be out walking, yet for some reason they seem to feel they need to be out walking.

I have found that, while most people will say ‘hi’ as you pass them, one or two act with such rudeness.

Some people seem to think that we should all share there fear, and that we should treat them as if they were made of glass. One women tutted at me as I walked down the same part of the supermarket that she was in. I thought to myself, ‘silly cow’.

It reminded me of a tweet some women posted, where she said to someone in a line at the supermarket, that she wanted them to stand back more. The person told her that if she felt like that, why did she come out. I too would have said something similar, as it would have annoyed e a lot to be told to move, simply because this women wanted more space around her.

Perhaps I am wrong, and you may think this women was correct to tell others to move. In truth I do not know.

It is rather strange to find the supermarkets near me, close at 8pm, when one is used to 24 hour shopping.

I walked the dogs a long way from anyone. In truth, not because of the distancing rues, but simply because I wanted to forget about the Coronavirus panic.

I notice too that my mind is not in a normal state, and that I am in a state that is at times becoming distant to the world around me. I am concentrating on making the dogs happy, rather than anything else. It feels like being a prisoner all the time, yet never knowing when the sentence will end.

It feels odd to go out, and fearful. One fears the police stopping me and questioning what I am up to. It feels like being outside is dangerous and unpleasant.

Others I find seem to be handling this far better than myself.

I think part of it, is the dread of finding out that we will have years of recession, that may not end in my lifetime.

One of my friends, when he is not working, will sit and watch DVD’s all day. For him, this is not a problem, as he would not be going out anyway.

And so another day passes. I find I have no idea what day of the week it is.

I am wondering, if it was not for having the dogs, would I simply now be laying in bed all day?

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