Coronavirus: Observations 5th April 2020

Yet another day without BT Broadband, and we are in hope it will be Monday when it is fixed. However one wonders if it will be as we got a message welcoming us our new line. One wonders if someone at BT has not put us down to have out BT broadband fixed but for a new line.

The weather felt a bit warmer today, but not as warm as I was expecting. Though it looks to be nice from now on.

I drove past a group of teenagers, about 17 of them. Clearly they had no interest in any two meter rules or not to be in groups of three or more people.

I shopped for my vulnerable friend. I walked into the supermarket with no problem, and was out in a few minutes. As I left one of the staff had decided to line people up again. It seems to be when someone feels like doing it.

Later I walked the dogs in a wood I know, that not many know about.

A group of teenage girls were having a great time on a rope swing. Again, they had no interest in not being in a group. They were just having fun.

We walked for ages, and the dogs ran and ran. For a while free from Coronavirus nonsense.

I pondered about some middle class left wing twit, who had spent all morning on twitter posting how everyone should stay at home, she posted over and over. Her self belief that was so important and influential that everyone would obey her, and yet I had walked past that group of 20 or so girls, who clearly had no interest in what she had posted.

I had noticed on Thursday (I think it was Thursday), how many middle class twits had done this clapping thing for the NHS. Yet most had done it, in fact to show that they were ever so caring, and wanted everyone to know, and so many posted themselves on twitter clapping. They were making it about themselves rather than for the NHS workers.

I spoke later to someone in the woods, who was telling me that the latest thing is rave like meetups. Apparently all over the UK, the young are meeting up for illegal raves, and having a great time, because they are fed up of the lock-ins. They think this will be all summer long.