Coronavirus: Observations 31st March 2020

My day on Monday, 30th March 2020

It seems the UK is now a police state.

In the evening I took my friends dog to the local park. They had blocked the car-park for some bizarre reason that I am yet to understand. The result of this was that people were parking on the main road and walking across to the park. This put children, if not adults from getting run over, as they crossed the busy road.

I fail to see how closing the car-park prevents the spread of the Coronavirus, as people would normally park up, then walk there dogs and go home. It is only on the field or woods they will come into contact with others. Closing the car-park has not stopped people from meeting on the field or in the woods.

However one presumes this is a decision by the local council. And local councils are experts in wasting money and doing bizarre and rather pointless things. So should we be surprised they have closed the car park and forced children to cross a busy road, and so we may find in the next few weeks, a child or an adult being run over.

It was an odd feeling today, as I walked the dogs. One felt that at any moment the Stasi (UK Police), with there new police state powers, will at any moment arrest me for daring to walk the dogs. I even look up at house windows expecting people with binoculars to be ready to phone the police in case someone walks there dog too long.

It is a most odd feeling, living in a police-state.

As I drove, I noticed the buses had no one inside. One wonders why buses are running, when so few passengers. It seems foolish to have these buses pump out fumes for no reason.

It was strange as I set off today, as the streets are so deserted. A few days ago, the local children would be playing in the streets, but today, the streets are void of life.

Perhaps as today is cold, people may defy the police-state lock-down, once the weather warms up, and people are sick of being inside. But today,one presumes they sit inside scared, living in fear, of a virus, that will probably be no more than a mild discomfort.

As I walked the dogs, a lady informed me it must be the right thing. I pointed out that it was not too long ago we were told some drivel in order to go to war [LINK]. How people seem to forget quickly.

So another day of living in a police-state passes, and I do wonder if the Stasi (UK Police), will be breaking my door in, and dragging me off, with there new powers.

However, I am sure those in power, will tell me this police-state is for my own protection.

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