Coronavirus: Observations 30th March 2020

On Sunday, I had not noticed the clocks had move forward an hour.

I went to the Supermarket shopping for my venerable friend. I stood in the cold outside in a long line, again with most people in the line only a foot from each other, with children running about. Clearly this was rather pointless and was going to expose the virus to everyone if someone had got it. But in these days, to point out stupidity, would only fall on deaf ears.

On entering the supermarket, I was made to stand while two prats played at being police (I think they pushed trolleys last week), and waved people about. They had scarfs covering there faces, as if this was going to prevent a virus. I thought about pointing out to them that they needed medical grade masks to be effective, but then I though I simply could not be bothered.

Inside the supermarket, most people cared little for distance and happily, walked around. Many came in large families, so clearly many had 5 people in a car.

When I paid, the woman at the till asked me to stand at the end to pack my bags. Again I was going to point out that I was going to be only another inch or so from her, and as such, completely pointless. However clearly this action made her feel safer.

This action was defeated when I went to pay, as to reach the pay machine I was forced to lean over. This meant I was closer to the women than if I had stood in my normal place.

One thing that has stuck me when shopping, is that the staff never see to be ill from Coronavirus. It is odd that stores are not closed with all the staff ill.

It also seemed rather odd, that if these supermarkets believed this rubbish they are doing, that they would give out face-masks to every member of staff. This silly making people stand outside, seems no more than a gimmick. A gimmick that may be in fact harmful, as it is exposing people to the possibility of a virus for a much greater amount of time.

I text a friend who is local to me, who informed me that her mother beliefs she is going to become, if not die from the isolation. One wonders if this isolation is worth it.

Later I took my friends dog for a walk at the local park. It was late so no one was around. Though I did wonder if the police would have turned up and gave me a pointless talk about how I am putting people at risk, even though I was on my own, and the nearest person was at least one mile away.

One pondered how this lock down seems to be to aid the middle class, who, from endless use of bleach at there homes have left there children weak and with asthma. It seems the country now has to shut down in order to protect these weak children. It will not be the middle classes who suffer when this Coronavirus panic is over. Indeed, many will have parents who will help them out with money. And at the same time, the middle class will revel in setting up charities to help the thousands of working class who will loose everything. The joy they get from running food banks, and dishing out cheap cans of beans to who they deem deserving of such items, will delight these narcissistic’s. And they will no doubt be telling the world how wonderful they are, as they are doing such charity.

At this point in time, I have still not met anyone who knows of anyone with the virus.

Of course, if someone feels ill, they stay at home, but that does not mean you have the virus.

It seems that the only people who so far are getting the virus are celebrities and the royal family, as well as politicians.

I am still confused on the new rules/law. In London people are squished on the tube, and this apparently is fine, but if you go for a dog walk a large distance from others, then this is bad and will have the police fine you.

If I do get the Coronavirus, it will, I suspect from standing outside the supermarket along with others for almost an hour, breathing in all the air people have breathed out, rather than me simply entering the shop, getting my bits, and leaving in less than five minutes.

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