Coronavirus: Observations 2nd April 2020

We are on day two, of no BT broadband. We are being told Monday 6th April 2020.

We are told it is a fault outside, and the engineer does not need to come into my house.

If I was paranoid, I may be thinking, they have cut my broadband, so I cannot post on this blog thing, why I see things as being bad at the moment.

Someone local to me, has told me that police helicopters are flying over our houses about 2am, for a few days now. She thinks there has been a lot of burglaries in the area.

She also told me someone got over her fence and broke into her car. She said she is not reporting it as she fears getting the virus from the police.

In the morning a had a chap to a nice chap. We chatted about the Coronavirus. He told me that his son, and his daughter-in-law, had both had the Coronavirus. His sons wife was six months pregnant, and so she was revealed to have got it and now has no fear of getting it. Being pregnant, the advise is that your high risk.

However the chap said that they were not visiting him as it was against the rules. Clearly this is a nonsense situation as the son and his wife can not spread it or get it (as we are informed). They have no reason to be in isolation or observe any distance rules as they cannot get it or pass it on.

I pointed out that what would they do if you were vulnerable or needed supplies?

Indeed, how many people who are vulnerable are going to die, because they cannot get food, because relatives or friends will fear the Stasi (UK Police) giving them fines or arresting them [LINK].

I went to the shops for my vulnerable friend who is in self isolation (and no I will not let her starve if the Stasi (UK Police) are reading this). It was interesting to see that they did not seem to be lining people up as they had been, and we could just walk into the supermarket. One wonders if someone had pointed out to them, that if you have people stood in a line for an hour, that is an hour of exposure to the virus.

The mood of people seems to have changed a lot. A week ago people seemed happy and were into this social distancing stuff. But today, people were walking around looking sad and drained. It feels very much as if we are in the old East Germany. We have the fear of the Stasi (UK Police) stopping us and handing out fines or prison sentences, the shops have a lot fewer choices on what you can buy. But the mood was so depressing. People were walking in the streets like zombies. They looked like they had given up on life.

Later I walked my friends dog in the park. As I stated a day or so ago, that they had for some odd reason closed the car-park [LINK]. The result was we were all parking on the main road. A child ran across, and was nearly run over. It seems a rather stupid idea, to put children, adults, and dogs, at risk of being run over. But then again this is the local council, and the only skills they seem to have is to waste lots of money, and do stupid things that make no sense.

At least we had a nice time, as my friends dog ran around.

Above me, a helicopter flew, which was a bit disturbing. It looked to be a police helicopter.

On the radio on BBC radio 4, they talked about Sweden, and tried to make out that what they were doing was bad [LINK]. They then said deaths in Sweden were only a hundred or so, but then tried to suggest it was because the population was only ten million. Clearly that was a pathetic reason, as we are told the death rate would be huge if we acted like Sweden. In fact by the sounds of things, in Sweden, they are isolating the vulnerable, and are letting everyone else get the virus, as most will be fine, and so the Swedish economy should not crash, and they ma end up with fewer deaths if the virus spreads quickly through the healthy, and so burn out.